Type 1 Diabetes (T1DM) and Ketone Test Strips

Dear Patient,

We are writing to you to recommend that you pick up a new test meter from your local surgery:

As a patient with Type 1 Diabetes (T1DM), we hope you are aware of a condition called Diabetic Ketoacidosis (see links below). The Covid 19 crisis has heightened awareness of this risk and we are undertaking a review to ensure all T1DM patients have access to ketone testing in event of being unwell, particularly when sugars are high or vomiting.

The last time we undertook this exercise we recommended all had access to urine ketone test strips, but times have moved on and blood-testing strips have dropped in price so we now recommend all should have a meter capable of testing ketones as well as glucose. A small range of meters are approved on our formulary for ketone testing (https://remedy.bnssgccg.nhs.uk/media/3222/bnssg-type-1-diabetic-blood-glucose-monitoring.pdf).

If you already have ketone tests-strips then you need do no more. If not we strongly recommend you take action to have this facility available to you.

We are recommending Nipro 4sure Smart Duo meters as our first choice offering BOTH glucose and ketone testing capability and being on the recommended list. We have sourced sufficient stock so that everyone needing a new meter will be able to collect one from your local surgery. This is a high quality meter, using a very small drop of blood and should feel familiar to all those currently using similar meters. Included will be further information about this meter with the availability of support from the manufacturer for any issues you may have. We expect the majority of T1DM patients to collect this new meter.

A few of you may have special reasons to use a particular meter (for reasons of disability, for example) and may need to access a second meter just for ketones. If this is the case, please contact the practice (by email mendipvale.scannerse@nhs.net or by ringing reception on 01934 839820 explaining your circumstances and we will get back to you.

What is diabetic ketoacidosis?
What to do as T1DM when you are ill? How to test ketones:

Support for Nipro 4Sure meters:
Telephone 08000858808


Best Wishes,

Mendip Vale Medical Group