About our First Contact Physiotherapy team

Claire, Vicci and Natalie are First Contact Physiotherapists (FCP) who joined us in the Autumn of 2020 as part of a nationwide scheme being rolled out to increase capacity within Primary Care and help patients with musculoskeletal problems.

Patients can now directly access assessment, diagnosis and management of a range of musculoskeletal problems including new sprains, strains and pains involving muscles, nerves, bones and joints by booking directly with our FCPs.

An FCP is an experienced Physiotherapist who has the advanced skills necessary to assess, diagnose and recommend the most appropriate and evidence based treatment for musculoskeletal problems, allowing you to take control of your recovery.

If appropriate, an FCP may prescribe a programme of exercises, refer for blood tests or X-ray, administer steroid injections, organise prescriptions or refer a patient to an appropriate secondary health service e.g. Physiotherapy or Rheumatology.

All FCP’s are trained to identify ‘red flag’ symptoms which may require medical attention and they have full access to the rest of the Mendip Vale Team.

You can book to see an FCP by calling the surgery and asking for an appointment.

Date published: 5th January, 2022
Date last updated: 8th February, 2022