About Our Medicines Management Team

Our Medicines Management team consists of Clinical Pharmacists, Prescription Clerks, and Dispensers. The team provides a variety of medicine-management related functions, initially in non-patient facing roles, but more recently our Clinical Pharmacists have been providing our patients with face-to-face consultations with a focus on medicines optimisation and patient-centred care. In addition the Pharmacists will undertake duties including:

  • patient medication reviews and optimisation of medicines

  • preparing practice formulary

  • NICE guidance interpretation and implementation within the practice

  • repeat prescription reviews

  • clinical audits and associated recommendations

  • clinical medicines switching programmes

  • support with management of long-term conditions.

Our Prescription Clerks are an integral part of our Medicines Management team and are based across all sites. They are the first point of contact in general practice for patients ordering repeat medications or when patients have a query concerning them. They work closely with the Clinical Pharmacists, GPs and APs to maintain the quality and safe prescribing of medicines.

Date published: 7th January, 2022
Date last updated: 7th January, 2022