Here you can find out the services and clinics we hold at our practice.

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Asthma & COPD

Our Chronic Disease Nurses are trained in the management of Asthma and COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary disease). All asthma and COPD patients should attend the surgery annually for a full ... [continue] Asthma & COPD

Blood pressure/hypertension

A blood pressure test is a simple way of checking if your blood pressure is too high or too low. Blood pressure is the term used to describe the strength ... [continue] Blood pressure/hypertension

Blood tests

Blood tests have a wide range of uses and are one of the most common types of medical test. For example, a blood test can be used to: assess your ... [continue] Blood tests

Cervical screening

Our Practice Nurses carry out cervical screening unless patients request otherwise. All women and people with a cervix aged 25 to 64 will be invited for a smear in accordance ... [continue] Cervical screening

Childhood immunisations

Our nurses offer a comprehensive childhood immunisation service. When your baby is due its first immunisations, you will be sent an appointment for these and for your baby’s 8 week ... [continue] Childhood immunisations


All doctors can discuss your contraceptive choices, start pills and injections, and provide emergency contraception. Practice nurses can carry out routine pill checks and give depo provera injections for women ... [continue] Contraception


We have specialist Diabetic Nurses in our practices. All patients with diabetes should attend the surgery annually for a full diabetic review, even if they are being seen by the ... [continue] Diabetes

Seasonal vaccinations

Flu vaccination Annually in the autumn and winter we run a programme to vaccinate patients against influenza. All patients over 65 or in the ‘at risk’ categories are eligible for ... [continue] Seasonal vaccinations

Travel health

Stay safe and healthy abroad If you are travelling abroad you may need to be vaccinated. Please make an appointment with the practice nurse to discuss the vaccinations you will ... [continue] Travel health

Date published: 8th October, 2014
Date last updated: 8th February, 2021