Practice Team


A general practitioner (GPs) is a doctor who does not specialise in one particular area of medicine. They are general experts in adult and paediatric medicine. GPs manage the healthcare of all their patients. This includes acute physical problems, chronic conditions and mental health problems. During a typical appointment, the GP needs to make a swift and accurate assessment based on the patients’ symptoms and medical history. Depending on the examination and diagnosis, the GP has several management options. They will discuss this with the patient as they develop a shared and agreed plan. This may include giving reassurance, providing information, advising on a course of action, or prescribing drugs. The GP may need to refer the patient for further tests. This is to confirm a diagnosis or to seek advice from a specialist in secondary care. Another important part of the work is preventative medicine and health promotion. This can include giving lifestyle advice during a consultation. GPs are increasingly dealing with multi-morbidity and coordination of long-term care. GPs work as part of a large, multidisciplinary team. There are currently 40 GPs at Mendip Vale Medical Group who are fortunate to be working with a large team Acute Practitioners, Paramedics and Clinical Pharmacists. They may also work closely with other healthcare professionals. This includes practice nurses, HCAs, midwives, community care teams, dieticians, care homes as well as with hospital doctors. GP Training Mendip Vale Medical Group is an approved Severn Deanery site for GP training. We can have between one to four trainee doctors attached to the practice at any time.  They are all fully qualified doctors, undertaking additional training. There are two types of trainees that may be attached to the practice
  • Foundation programme doctors (referred to as F2 or junior doctors) are qualified doctors who are gaining experience in a GP Practice.
  • GP specialist trainees, often referred to as GP registrars, are fully trained doctors aiming to specialise as GPs.

Dr Joanna King (usual site: PPL)

Dr Phil Donlevy (usual site: PPL)

Dr Andrew Langton (usual site: Monks Park)

Dr Rachael Kenyon (usual site: Sunnyside)

Dr Cordelia Feuchtwang (usual site: Yatton)

Dr William Kenyon (usual site: St Georges)

Dr Michael Jenkins (usual site: St Georges)

Dr Abbey Adams (on maternity leave)

Dr Caro Ash (on maternity leave)

Dr Cathryn Bailey (on maternity leave)

Dr Hanna Bellord (usual site: Sunnyside)

Dr Alice Blackwell (usual site : St George’s)

Dr Angelo Cacciato (usual site: St Georges)

Dr Jennifer Cox (usual site: Monks Park)

Dr Susannah Gibbs (usual site: Monks Park)

Dr Martha Gutierrez (usual site: Monks Park)

Dr Lucy Haydock (usual site : Yatton)

Dr Lisa Hayward (usual site : Yatton)

Dr Glenda Horner (usual site: Sunnyside)

Dr Nina Kapoor (usual site: PPL)

Dr Jessica Lloyd (usual site : St George’s)

Dr Lucy Matthews (usual site: PPL)

Dr Alan McClatchey (usual site: PPL)

Dr Jo Nash (usual site: St Georges)

Dr Samuel Partridge (usual site: Yatton)

Dr Shruti Patel (usual site: PPL)

Dr Laura Ratcliffe (usual site : Sunnyside)

Dr Richard Reed (usual site: Yatton)

Dr Claire Roberts (on maternity leave)

Dr Bikram Singh (usual site: St Georges)

Dr Jemma Slingsby (on maternity leave)

Dr Jane Spilsbury (on maternity leave)

Dr Phillippa Vickery (usual site : PPL)

Dr Andy Warinton (usual site : Yatton)

Dr Rowan Wearn (usual site: PPL)

Dr Katy Wells (usual site : PPL)

Dr Nicola Wright (usual site: St Georges)

Dr Adrian Burt (usual site: Monks Park)

Dr Katie Janssen (usual site: Monks Park)

Dr Trina Leskiw (usual site: Monks Park)

Acute Practitioners (AP)

Acute Practitioners (APs) have completed advanced education and training in the diagnosis and management of common medical conditions. They provide a broad range of health care services and work closely with GPs. An APs duties include the following:
  • Collaborating with GPs and other health professionals as needed, including providing referrals
  • Counselling and educating patients on health behaviours, self-care skills and treatment options
  • Diagnosing and treating acute illnesses, infections and injuries
  • Diagnosing, treating and monitoring chronic diseases
  • Obtaining medical histories and conducting physical examinations
  • Ordering, performing and interpreting diagnostic studies (e.g. lab rests, x-rays, ECGs)
  • Prescribing medications
  • Prescribing physical therapy and other rehabilitation treatments
APs can see patients of all ages. The core philosophy of the field is individualised care. APs focus on patients' conditions, as well as the effects of illness on the lives of the patients and their families. They focus on prevention, wellness and patient education. Informing patients about their health care, and encouraging them to participate in decisions are central to the care provided by APs. Mendip Vale Medical Group currently has 10 APs across sites. They are all able to see and treat patients. Listed below are some of the more common ailments they can treat:
  • Sore throats or Sinusitis
  • On going coughs/colds
  • Chest Infections
  • Ear Infections
  • Skin infections and rashes
  • Urine infections
  • Abdominal pain
  • Diarrhoea or Vomiting
  • Minor Health Injuries
All their appointments are bookable on the day, and the Practice Co-ordinators will ask you an indication of your problem. This is to ensure you are seen by the appropriate clinician.

Tracey Worland (usual site: PPL)

Rachel Butt (usual site: PPL)

Jane Wilson (usual site: St Georges & PPL)

Helen Beswick (usual site : St George’s)

Jan Howe (usual site: St Georges)

Jo Wessell (usual site: St Georges)

Debbie O’Grady (usual site : Sunnyside)

Jo Higson (usual site: Sunnyside)

Judy Everett (link to Nursing Homes)

Jackie Payne (usual site Monks Park Surgery)

Jon Moore (usual site: Monks Park)

Healthcare Assistants

Healthcare Assistants (HCAs) work under the guidance of a qualified healthcare professional, usually a member of the practice nursing team. They carry out tasks such as
  • Phlebotomy or Venepuncture (drawing blood)
  • Blood pressure measurements
  • Recording ECGs
  • New patient checks
  • Health promotion (such as smoking cessation)
They may act as a Chaperone when a patient or clinician requests one or provide assistance to the Nurses. Healthcare assistants (HCAs) are becoming increasingly important and prominent members of the general practice team.

Jack Hole – HCA (usual site: PPL)

Karen Preece – HCA (usual site: PPL)

Janice Hunter – HCA (usual site: PPL)

Helen Kelly – HCA (usual site: Sunnyside)

Lou Maggs – HCA (usual site: Sunnyside)

Jane Curtis – HCA (usual site: Yatton)

Jackie Lambert – HCA (usual site: Yatton)

Tina Teagle (usual site: Yatton)

Sue Baker – HCA (usual site: Yatton)

Liz Goodwin – HCA (usual site: St Georges)

Nicola Whittle – HCA (usual site: St Georges)

Charlotte Keown – HCA (usual site: St Georges – on maternity leave)

Diane Bird (usual site: Monks Park)

Kirsty Edwards (usual site: Monks Park)

Practice Nurses

The UK has been ahead of many other countries in recognising the benefits that nurses bring to the primary care team. They have become significantly more skilled over recent years, and are now providing services to patients that may have previously been delivered by GPs. Much of their work involves managing the care of patients with long-term conditions and running a wider range of extended services in the practice:
  • monitoring of long-term conditions such as asthmas, diabetes and hypertension
  • support for vulnerable groups of patients
  • cytology services
  • family planning
  • wound care and management
  • smoking cessation
  • childhood and travel vaccinations

Sue Fursdon – Nurse Manager (usual site: PPL)

Katherine White – Practice Nurse (usual site: PPL)

Maria Metcalfe – Practice Nurse (usual site: PPL)

Pippa Spence – Practice Nurse (usual site: PPL)

Katy Connell – Practice Nurse (usual site: Yatton)

Sheona Canfield – Practice Nurse (usual site: Yatton)

Stephanie Gooding (usual site: Yatton)

Sandra Cook – Practice Nurse (Research)

Laura Bedford – Practice Nurse (usual site: Sunnyside)

Helen Davies – Practice Nurse (usual site: Sunnyside)

Deborah Holbrook – Practice Nurse (usual site: Sunnyside)

Fiona Vacha – Practice Nurse (usual site: St Georges)

Pam Campbell – Practice Nurse (usual site: St Georges)

Alina Dutu – Practice Nurse (usual site: St Georges)

Porcia Luo (usual site: Monks Park)

Charlotte Lovell (usual site: Monks Park)

Porcia Luo Practice Nurse (Usual Site: Monks Park)

Management & Support Team

We have a team of highly skilled and experienced Managers working across the group to oversee and develop the work of Mendip Vale Medical Group. Together they ensure that the Practice runs efficiently for patients, and that the staff have the support that they need. The jobs are varied and demanding. The roles and responsibilities of practice management increase every year, as NHS primary care expands to meet health demands. The Executive Manager and Group Wide Managers oversee all of the business and strategic aspects of the practice, such as making sure the right systems are in place to provide high quality of patient care, human resources, finance, patient safety, communication, premises, equipment and information technology. The Surgery Managers, Team Leaders and Business Support Officers oversee the operational aspects of the practice. They support the delivery of safe and effective patient services at each site, and the development of extended services to enhance patient care. Your Team Leader/Surgery Manager will be the first point of contact if you have any comments or concerns regarding the practice.  

David Clark – Executive Partner (Group Wide)

Katie Drew – Head of Operations

Sarah Voce – Head of Compliance

Jennifer Kershaw – Area Manager (Group Wide)

Jose Tarnowski – Project Manager (Group Wide)

Christine Richardson – Access Manager (Group Wide)

Michelle Wright – Surgery Manager (Monks Park)

Helen Jones – Surgery Manager (Sunnyside)

Kim McKerron – Surgery Manager (PPL)

Phillippa Roach – Surgery Manager (Yatton/Congs)

Kimberley Rogers – Surgery Manager (St Georges)

Jen Godden – Comms and Engagement Officer (Group Wide)

Alice Dance – Business Support Officer (Group Wide)

Laura Watt – Team Leader (Monks Park)

Harry Bidwell – Team Leader (St Georges)

Hannah Cooke – Team Leader (Yatton/Congs)

Toby Gamester – Team Leader (PPL)

Amy Morgan – Team Leader (Sunnyside)

Emma Marsh – Admin Support Officer (Sunnyside)

Medicines Management

Our Medicines Management team consists of Clinical Pharmacists, Prescription Clerks, and Dispensers. The team provides a variety of medicine-management related functions, initially in non-patient facing roles, but more recently our Clinical Pharmacists have been providing our patients with face-to-face consultations with a focus on medicines optimisation and patient-centred care. In addition the Pharmacists will undertake duties including:
  • patient medication reviews and optimisation of medicines
  • preparing practice formulary
  • NICE guidance interpretation and implementation within the practice
  • repeat prescription reviews
  • clinical audits and associated recommendations
  • clinical medicines switching programmes
  • support with management of long-term conditions.
Our Prescription Clerks are an integral part of our Medicines Management team and are based across all sites. They are the first point of contact in general practice for patients ordering repeat medications or when patients have a query concerning them. They work closely with the Clinical Pharmacists, GPs and APs to maintain the quality and safe prescribing of medicines.

Lisa Bullock – Clinical Pharmacist (usual site: PPL)

Ololade Siyanbola – Clinical Pharmacist (usual site: PPL)

Esme Griffin – Clinical Pharmacist (usual site: PPL)

Suzie Udin – Dispenser (usual site: PPL)

Sue Ryalls – Dispenser (usual site: PPL)

Bonita Campbell – Dispenser (usual site: PPL – on maternity leave)

Ann Morley – Dispenser (Usual site: PPL)

Eirwen Davies – Dispenser (Usual Site: PPL)

Amy Moulders – Dispenser (Usual site: PPL, Maternity Leave Cover)