COVID-19 and Flu Information

The coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine is safe and effective. It gives you the best protection against coronavirus.

NHS Coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine information

We are currently inviting those aged 65 years and vulnerable 18- to 64-year-olds for their covid and flu booster vaccinations. Please be reassured you will be contacted when it is your turn for the vaccines.

Our autumn Covid and Flu vaccination clinics for adults will start in October to optimise your protection over the winter months, as decided by the National Health Service and the Government. In previous years our vaccination clinics started in September, however, this timing would ensure patients are protected during the period of the greatest risk.

Recent government update on the 30th August 2023, the covid and flu vaccination has been brought forwards, administering vaccinates to patient eligible between 11 September and 31 October 2023. Following and adhering to NHS England guidance as all our clinics are before this date, with overflow clinics in early November.

Vaccination FAQs

When are the Covid and Flu clinics?

We are currently sending letters to all those eligible to have their Autumn booster vaccinations, those aged 65+ and vulnerable 18–64-year-olds.

North Somerset

All North Somerset clinics will be held at Langford Surgery on the following dates:

  • Saturday 21st October, 8am-5:45pm
  • Sunday 22nd October, 8am-5:15pm
  • Saturday 28th  October, 8am – 5:30pm
  • Sunday 29th October, 8am-5:30pm

Bristol and South Gloucestershire

Southmead and Henbury Family Practice Patients:

  • Sunday 8th October at Orchard School, 8am -3:15pm
  • Sunday 5th November at Orchard School, 8am-10:45am

Monks Park Patients:

  • Sunday 15th October at Orchard School, 8am-5:15pm
  • Saturday 4th November at Orchard School, 8am – 12:15pm

Sea Mills Patients:

  • Sunday 15th October at Orchard School, 8am-5:15pm
  • Saturday 4th November at Orchard School, 8am – 12:15pm

Coniston Patients:

  • Saturday 14th October at Coniston Surgery, 8am – 2:45pm
  • Sunday 5th November at Coniston Surgery, 12pm-1:45pm


I cannot make the time given to me in my invitation letter

We strongly encourage patients to make every effort to attend for these important vaccinations on the date and time given to you – appointments are spread across the day to avoid over-crowding and queues, in order to keep people safe.  If you are unable to attend the appointment date and time given, an alternative date has been given to you in your letter. You do not need to contact the surgery to say you are coming at another day/time


My spouse/partner has been sent an appointment to one of the clinics, but it’s at a different time. Can we come together?

We have tried to ensure household members are given the same appointment time but this is not always possible if their first names are at different ends of the alphabet. Households or those who are sharing transport arrangements who have both been sent an invitation are welcome to come together at the same time – you do not need to phone us to advise this, just turn up together with your respective invitation letters.


Why are the Covid and Flu Clinics not held at my surgery?

There are a set number of sites authorised and approved to administer the Covid and flu vaccinations. All chosen sites have good access, parking and enable us to minimise the impact on our other services.


I cannot get to the location- what do I do?

We hope that most people will have a friend, neighbour or relative who will be able to bring them to the clinic if they are unable to drive themselves – this is one reason why we have scheduled the clinics at weekends rather than during the working week. The local community transport helplines serve communities across Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire.


Find details on: Bristol City Council (

Details for Community and disabled persons transport (

North Somerset

Find details on  North Somerset Online Directory (

Connect on 01934 888 801.

South Gloucestershire

Find details on: South Gloucestershire Council (

For further information: Community transport (


More patient transport information can be found on our website: Patient Transport Information 


I’m housebound/ I live in a care home, when will I receive my vaccinations?

Care home and housebound patients will be contacted in due course.


How are the vaccines administered?

Flu and covid and flu vaccinations are normally administered into your arm.

The covid and flu vaccines are two separate injections, one into each arm. The vaccines are not compulsory, therefore if you would prefer to have one and not the other then that is okay. You do not need to contact the surgery before the clinic to inform us of this, just let the vaccinator know this on the day.


Do I need to bring my invitation letter to the vaccination clinic?

Yes, it is essential that you bring your letter as it includes your personal details which are needed to record your vaccination status. Should you forget to bring your letter, you will be asked for these details so we can add the vaccination to your health record.


I am not over 65 or at risk, can I have the Autumn booster?

No, unless you have received an invitation letter from us you cannot have a vaccination at these clinics.


I have also received a letter from NHS England

You may receive a letter directly from NHS England, and should you wish to book onto the National Booking Centre please do so. The link to book or manage your Covid vaccination with NHS is below.

Book or manage a coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccination – NHS (


I don’t want the vaccine

Not  a problem, please let us know by ringing the telephone helpline number, indicated on your letter,  and we can mark your record as ‘declined’


I don’t want the vaccination; I have told my surgery, but I have still received a letter.

If you have previously told the surgery that you don’t want the covid or flu vaccinations, but you have received a letter, we apologise and understand that this could be frustrating for you. Your decision to refuse the vaccinations is only valid for a year. You may have changed your mind since we last got in touch and we want to ensure every eligible patient has access to the choice of having a vaccine. This means you will need to inform the surgery so we can mark your record as declined.


Date published: 2nd March, 2021
Date last updated: 18th September, 2023