Monthly Message from the Fraud Team at Avon and Somerset Police

National Courier Fraud Campaign

Statistics show that victims in Avon and Somerset suffered the 3rd highest loss to courier fraud in England and Wales, with losses exceeding £1 million in 2021 alone.

So, what does a courier fraud look like? Victims will typically receive a phone call from a fraudster purporting to be a high ranking Police Officer, however, could also pretend to be someone from the bank. They will claim to need your assistance with an investigation, and will often suggest that there are suspicions of fraud happening within your bank. They will ask you to go to your bank and withdraw a certain amount of money. They will then often ask the victim to read out the serial numbers on the bank notes and explain that a certain percentage of them are counterfeit, just to make the fraud more plausible. They will then ask you to package up the cash for a “courier” to come and collect.

You may also, or instead, be asked to hand over your bank card(s) and PIN. We are seeing an increasing number of victims being asked instead to purchase high value goods, such as jewellery and gold.

Remember, the bank or police will never: Call you and ask you to verify your personal details or PIN, send a courier to your home to collect bank cards, cash, PINs, or any other valuable goods, they will also never contact you out of the blue and ask you to participate in an investigation which requires you to withdraw money or purchase high value goods.