Monthly Message from the Fraud Team at Avon and Somerset Police

Development of the HMRC scam

Many of you are probably familiar with HMRC scams, where the fraudster purports to be calling from HMRC stating that a serious issue with your tax has been detected. They will usually say that you have unpaid tax and that there will be a warrant out for your arrest unless you make a payment immediately.

We want to reach out to the public regarding a recent development of this scam we are concerned may catch people out. It’s effectively the same, apart from the fraudster claims to be from the Ministry of Justice. They tend to say that the victim has committed tax fraud and therefore have to make a payment for the tax and court fees, and again, that they will be arrested if they don’t make an immediate payment. To add to the sophistication of this scam, victims are being called using a spoofed number, meaning that it appears as the genuine Ministry of Justice number displayed on their website.