Monthly Message from Fraud Team: Recruitment Fraud

With the cost-of-living crisis, more people are being tempted by “get rich quick” schemes and we have seen a growing number of reports of recruitment fraud.

The more typical type of recruitment fraud usually involves a job being advertised which doesn’t exist. The victim will then be asked to pay various fees, such as purchasing a DBS check, training, or a work permit.

We are also seeing victims being contacted through messaging platforms such as WhatsApp by fraudsters claiming they can help them make some “extra income”. Fraudsters will encourage victims to download a cryptocurrency app and convince them to pay some money into cryptocurrency. Fraudsters will tell various lies for why payment is needed but it is normally disguised as some sort of “set up fee”.

Please see real-life examples of the message’s fraudsters send. You will see how the fraudsters use technical jargon and phrases in the hope that the victim lets the fraudsters guide them through the process. This is so that they can exploit you for your hard-earned cash.