Practice Nurses

Practice Nurses

The UK has been ahead of many other countries in recognising the benefits that nurses bring to the primary care team. They have become significantly more skilled over recent years, and are now providing services to patients that may have previously been delivered by GPs.

Much of their work involves managing the care of patients with long-term conditions and running a wider range of extended services in the practice:

  • monitoring of long-term conditions such as asthmas, diabetes and hypertension
  • support for vulnerable groups of patients
  • cytology services
  • family planning
  • wound care and management
  • smoking cessation
  • childhood and travel vaccinations

Sue Fursdon – Nurse Manager (usual site: PPL)

Katherine White – Practice Nurse (usual site: PPL)

Maria Metcalfe – Practice Nurse (usual site: PPL)

Pippa Spence – Practice Nurse (usual site: PPL)

Katy Connell – Practice Nurse (usual site: Yatton)

Sheona Canfield – Practice Nurse (usual site: Yatton)

Stephanie Gooding (usual site: Yatton)

Sandra Cook – Practice Nurse (Research)

Laura Bedford – Practice Nurse (usual site: Sunnyside)

Helen Davies – Practice Nurse (usual site: Sunnyside)

Deborah Holbrook – Practice Nurse (usual site: Sunnyside)

Fiona Vacha – Practice Nurse (usual site: St Georges)

Pam Campbell – Practice Nurse (usual site: St Georges)

Alina Dutu – Practice Nurse (usual site: St Georges)

Porcia Luo (usual site: Monks Park)

Charlotte Lovell (usual site: Monks Park)

Porcia Luo Practice Nurse (Usual Site: Monks Park)