Management & Support Team

Management & Support Team

We have a team of highly skilled and experienced Managers working across the group to oversee and develop the work of Mendip Vale Medical Group. Together they ensure that the Practice runs efficiently for patients, and that the staff have the support that they need.

The jobs are varied and demanding. The roles and responsibilities of practice management increase every year, as NHS primary care expands to meet health demands.

The Executive Manager and Group Wide Managers oversee all of the business and strategic aspects of the practice, such as making sure the right systems are in place to provide high quality of patient care, human resources, finance, patient safety, communication, premises, equipment and information technology.

The Surgery Managers, Team Leaders and Business Support Officers oversee the operational aspects of the practice. They support the delivery of safe and effective patient services at each site, and the development of extended services to enhance patient care. Your Team Leader/Surgery Manager will be the first point of contact if you have any comments or concerns regarding the practice.


David Clark – Executive Partner (Group Wide)

Katie Drew – Head of Operations

Sarah Voce – Head of Compliance

Jennifer Kershaw – Area Manager (Group Wide)

Jose Tarnowski – Project Manager (Group Wide)

Christine Richardson – Access Manager (Group Wide)

Michelle Wright – Surgery Manager (Monks Park)

Helen Jones – Surgery Manager (Sunnyside)

Kim McKerron – Surgery Manager (PPL)

Phillippa Roach – Surgery Manager (Yatton/Congs)

Kimberley Rogers – Surgery Manager (St Georges)

Jen Godden – Comms and Engagement Officer (Group Wide)

Alice Dance – Business Support Officer (Group Wide)

Laura Watt – Team Leader (Monks Park)

Harry Bidwell – Team Leader (St Georges)

Hannah Cooke – Team Leader (Yatton/Congs)

Toby Gamester – Team Leader (PPL)

Amy Morgan – Team Leader (Sunnyside)

Emma Marsh – Admin Support Officer (Sunnyside)