Healthcare Assistants

Healthcare Assistants

Healthcare Assistants (HCAs) work under the guidance of a qualified healthcare professional, usually a member of the practice nursing team. They carry out tasks such as

  • Phlebotomy or Venepuncture (drawing blood)
  • Blood pressure measurements
  • Recording ECGs
  • New patient checks
  • Health promotion (such as smoking cessation)

They may act as a Chaperone when a patient or clinician requests one or provide assistance to the Nurses.

Healthcare assistants (HCAs) are becoming increasingly important and prominent members of the general practice team.

Jack Hole – HCA (usual site: PPL)

Karen Preece – HCA (usual site: PPL)

Janice Hunter – HCA (usual site: PPL)

Helen Kelly – HCA (usual site: Sunnyside)

Lou Maggs – HCA (usual site: Sunnyside)

Jane Curtis – HCA (usual site: Yatton)

Jackie Lambert – HCA (usual site: Yatton)

Tina Teagle (usual site: Yatton)

Sue Baker – HCA (usual site: Yatton)

Liz Goodwin – HCA (usual site: St Georges)

Nicola Whittle – HCA (usual site: St Georges)

Charlotte Keown – HCA (usual site: St Georges – on maternity leave)

Diane Bird (usual site: Monks Park)

Kirsty Edwards (usual site: Monks Park)