COVID-19 Your risk changed to moderate.

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Dear Patient,


We have received from the NHS a list of our patients who have been sent a letter from the NHS indicating that they are at High Risk of severe illness if they contract Coronavirus (Covid 19) and you are on this list.

Your GP has reviewed your medical history and fortunately has identified that you are at Moderate risk of developing severe illness, rather than High risk. This means you don’t need to follow the very  strict “Shielding” measures as outlined in the letter you received from the NHS. However you remain in what is considered a clinically vulnerable group, so it is very important that you continue with strict social isolation measures.  This means staying at home as much as possible and if you do go out, minimising contact with others outside your household.



Section 2 of the document includes specific guidance for those considered to be in a vulnerable group, including all people aged 70 and over.

People living in North Somerset are able to access help and identify community support resources local to their area by contacting the North Somerset Together service and helpline :

Telephone 01934 427437


People living in Somerset can contact the Somerset Coronavirus service website and helpline :

Telephone 0300 790 6275


If you have any queries, please contact the Practice to ask to speak to your GP about this.

Yours sincerely,

Mendip Vale Medical Group