North Somerset Volunteer Transport Services

Congresbury including Cleeve, Claverham, Hewish

Congresbury Carers: Telephone 01934 834 663



Sandford Helpline: Telephone 01934 822 030



Weston Wheels: Telephone 01934 629 657

Booking line open 9.30 am – 12.30 pm


Wrington including Redhill, Butcombe, Burrington and Aldwick

 Wrington Helpline: Telephone  07092 983 064  or  07783 046 437


Yatton including Claverham, Cleeve, Kingston Seymour and Kenn

 Yatton and District Carers: Telephone  01934 835 961



Churchill Volunteer Driver Scheme

This is a self-help scheme to assist those without transport to get to the opticians, dentist, medical appointments or hospital visits. The service is not available for shopping trips or social purposes.

All information received must be treated as confidential.

Since drivers are providing their time and vehicles voluntarily, passengers are requested to offer reimbursement towards the cost of petrol and any out of pocket expenses such as parking fees.

For guidance, the following donation are suggested for typical journeys. These have increased on 1st of January 2023 to take account of recent increases in cost.

Bristol Royal Infirmary  £15
Southmead Hospital  £20
Bath Royal United Hospital  £25
Congresbury  £5
Yatton  £5
Weston Hospital  £10
Winscombe  £5
Wrington  £5
Churchill Surgery  £5

For other journeys, not specifies, the donation will be agreed before the trip by the organiser.

In case of problems, please contact Kate on 01934 853081 or Trevor on 01934 852589

Date published: 17th April, 2023
Date last updated: 7th November, 2023