Mendip Vale Medical Group is delighted to be able to deliver primary care research to our patient population, giving our patients the opportunity to be involved in important research in order to make a difference to the future of healthcare. We may invite you to participate, either opportunistically during an appointment, or by letter.

Participation is entirely optional and we never release your details to a third party without your prior consent.

We are a research ready practice, a stipulated requirement to be able to conduct research in primary care.

Our research team

Dr Richard Reed (GP Partner and Research Lead):

As a GP Partner I took on the research lead as a new entity for the practice in 2013. Since then I am proud to have contributed to raising the profile of the practice in primary care research to the highest level. We have hosted a large number of studies with excellent recruitment rates to a fair number of these. I have been pleased to see that our patients are enthusiastic about being involved and making a difference to the future of healthcare

Tracy Pouard (Research Nurse):

I am very much enjoy being able to spend the time with patients. I feel my input and continuity with patients builds up a good rapport. Making sure my role is flexible allows us to be able to recruit good numbers to studies which in turn has made our team high recruiters within our area. This has helped promote our profile within the surgery.

Hannah Cooke (Research administrator)

I have worked for Mendip Vale since 2017, and part of my role is to provide administrative support for the Research Team. This includes coordinating data, liaising with patients, the local research network, and the research study teams.   I find my role very interesting and rewarding and I am very proud to be part of such a dedicated team.  I feel confident, that all of our hard work, alongside the much-appreciated support and participation of our patients, that we can all contribute towards improving healthcare for future generations.

Our research

Our current list of research projects is available to download here


About IMPPP for study participants | Centre for Academic Primary Care | University of Bristol

Who we work with

National Institute Health Research logo

The National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) is the entity that supports the health and care research infrastructure within the NHS. The infrastructure is made up of 15 local Clinical Research Networks (CRNs). CRNs support patients and health professionals to support, deliver and participate in relevant research studies.

Clinical Research West of England logo

Our local CRN is the West of England hosted by the University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust. We work closely with the primary care research network within this organisation supporting feasible local and national studies hosted by our network

University of Bristol logo

Each year we submit our application to be part of the research site initiative scheme. This provides us with funding to host a large number of research projects and the infrastructure to invite and deliver them to our patient population.

Date published: 6th January, 2022
Date last updated: 25th September, 2023