A message from Avon and Somerset Police Fraud Team: Safe Account Fraud

What is Safe Account Fraud?

‘Safe account’ frauds occur when a criminal convinces you to move your money to a new bank account. This typically starts with a call out of the blue, where they pretend to be a trustworthy organisation like your bank or the police. They will advise you that there is a problem or suspicious activity on your account and instruct you to move it to a ‘safe account’.

Fraudsters may have access to more personal information than you might think. They may be able to identify which bank you are with and even have access to your sort code and account number. You may also hear sounds of a call centre in the background to further convince you that this is a legitimate call.


Number Spoofing

Fraudsters can disguise their number to appear as if they are calling from anywhere in the world. Even if the number that displays on your phone matches that of the genuine organisation, it does not mean it is and this is not a verification check.

Complete all verification checks in your own time on a number that you know is genuine, not one that has been provided to you.

Challenge of a call out of the blue claiming to be from your bank or from a position of authority.

A genuine official from your bank will NEVER call you to ask you to verify your bank details over the phone.

The police, your bank and any other reputable organisation would never set up a ‘safe account’ and ask you to transfer money. They will never put you under time pressure to move your money.