Top Tips: Good Nutrition as we Age

As we age our body requires different nutrients to help us feel good and recover better. Learn the 5 top tips taken away from our latest Wellbeing Lifestyle Club on nutrition as we age.

  1. Eat a varied diet.Variety is the spice of life! Eating a wide range of foods ensure you get all the nutrients you need.  Take a look at The Eatwell Guide for tips on achieving a balanced diet.
  2. Eat plenty of protein.Protein is a key nutrient for bones & muscles and helps maintain muscle mass. Our muscle fibres shrink as we age, and they are gradually lost.
  3. Make food tasty and enjoyable. We feast with our eyes! Stimulate appetite by making food look tasty. Add colours, textures, herbs, spices, garlic, or a dash of lemon or lime to flavour meals and stimulate the tastebuds. Go easy on the salt as a decreasing sense of taste as we age might mean we are tempted to add more.
  4. Eat calcium-rich foods. Calcium is important for our bones. We lose bone density as we age, especially for women after menopause as the hormone oestrogen is lost. Milk, cheese. Yoghurts, sardines, and some green leafy veg, like kale, are good sources.
  5. Keep well hydrated. Older people are at greater risk of dehydration than younger people. As we age our sensation of thirst decreases so it’s easy for dehydration to go unnoticed. 6-8 drinks a day are needed to replace lost fluids and water is a great choice, but teas and coffees all count.


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