50-64 Year Olds Flu Vaccinations


You may have heard on the news recently that flu vaccines are to be offered to all patients in the 50-64 age group from December 1st. As we also heard this information in the same way, we have not been able to forward plan and are only now able to discuss and plan how we will deliver this.

We are currently ordering additional vaccines and working out how we can provide the staffing this requires for the additional 8000 vaccines that we will need.  The availability of the vaccines is unfortunately outside of our control as they are being supplied by the NHS.

*Please do not call us asking to book.  Patients who are eligible will be invited by text and/or letter to book into one of our clinics*.

We will publish more information when we have the plans confirmed, so please keep an eye on our website and social media streams for further updates. Thank you for your patience while we work out dates and logistics.  Please click Over 50s Flu Update for further information.